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Extract issues

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Me and one of my friends went into woods, both with 3000 roubles. We looted around a bit, completed some quests and decided to extract. We go to the bridge extract and both pay our roubles for the car extract. We were both standing in basically the same spot behind that little bit of cover next to the car and as when the timer ticked down my friend extracted, and I was left behind for no apparent reason. I then got sniped at and one shot killed. Another time I was pretty loaded at factory and was trying to extract through gate 3. I made sure I was at the right spot and I just wasn't extracting. I waited there for about 30 seconds because of that glitch that doesn't show the countdown, I got killed about 2 minutes after this happened. I wasn't at Gate 0, so I really don't know what the problem was. Does anybody know why this is happening, because I'm about to quit this game due to bugs like this?

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