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Performance Issues / sutter / freezes / crashes

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Hi there, 

i'm relatively new to EFT ( my first real wipe ) and i've been experiencing severe stutters. 
I had the same in 12.8 . making space on my SSD was the solution and stopped the stuttering ( i had to make around 20gb of free space ) 
Since 12.9 i've been experience stutters again in game and it's really sever ( like every 10-20 seconds ). 
it makes the game unplayable for me so i'd really like to ask the devs how to fix this in game stutters/freezes. 
friends of mine have weaker pc but don't experience stutters. I've tried using ISCL, changed my settings, updates my drivers but nothing works. 

my specs

Geforxe GTX 1060 6GB 
Driver version 461.09 
Intel i58400CPU @2.8hz 
16gb RAM 
1920 x 1080 144hz monitor 

hope someone can help. 

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Hmm we might be on to something here.. I almost got the same hardware, and while you're not referring to crashes in the description but only in the title, I don't have stutters so much, but only crashes. A lot I should say. It's not uncommon I have 2 or even 3 crashes in certain raids.

I have almost the same hardware:
Core i5 6600K
16GB Ram
1060 6GB
Samsung 960 EVO (500GB, plenty space left, Samsung Magician says it is in good health)

Things I've tried to make the game run more stable can be found here:


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Hi Remy, the only time my game crashes is when i try to alt tab. It either crashes and makes my whole pc freeze or just yesterday i lost sound after alt tabbing. 

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I am running into major issues after 12.9 as well. Game has been running so slow it is unplayable for me too. Not even able to get into a raid because it runs so badly. I was able to play prior to the wipe just fine.



Geforce GTX 1060 3GB

Version 460.89


I have tried setting  everything to the lowest, then the medium settings, but it doesn't make a difference. I also uninstalled and reinstalled the game with no change in performance.

Any help would be much appreciated.


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I consider myself lucky on this one. I dont suffer with much performance issue apart from on the newly overhauled woods map, where my fps will get as low as 60. On other maps it ranges from low 70's to 100+. I run between high and ultra settings @ 1080p


8700k @ Stock

2070 Super @ stock

32gb 3200

game running on a sandisk ssd.


Have you guys tried reinstalling the game or fresh reinstalling your pc's? 

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Probably your processor. I upgraded from a 6700k to a modern processor and have no more issues. 

The fat one refuses to hire proper developers, so we have to deal with a metric ton of bugs and horrible performance

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TLDR; I don't know what kind of motherboard you guys have, but with the help of some nameless support employee I managed to play 1 day without a crash. I changed the memory clock speeds from 'auto' to 'XMP' in my bios settings. I have high hopes this was the solution!


At one of the dozen of support requests I have sent in, I received a standard reply mentioning I had to set the Windows pagefile to a fixed size (20Gb). After doing that and still having the same issues, I increased the pagefile even more (30Gb), again, without a more stable game. It still crashed a lot. I therefore concluded this was a situation I had to accept until I bought a new pc.

Then, totally unexpected, I received another reply on one of my many support requests. The person (the reply was anonymous, so thank you anonymous hero!) mentioned something about 'memory access errors, try to run your computer without any overclock'. While I did not overclock my pc whatsoever, I was somewhat triggered as to how the person came to the conclusion the reason of many (or all) of the crashes were caused by memory access errors. I checked the bios of my motherboard (Asus Maximus Ranger VIII btw) and went through all settings. I had all the conservative settings on, and just thought to myself.. well, since I have nothing to lose anyway, let's just set the memory timings to XMP (eXtreme Memory Profile) where the motherboard / cpu / mem combo would figure out the best timings on their own. Lo and behold, I was able to have a single day without any crashes in Tarkov. I'm quite confident this was it, because the game would crash so much before and I have yet to come across the first one since.



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