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After December Wipe Pings have been too high

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Hello everyone, Ever since the wipe to 0.12.9, my ping have shot up significantly. After about 2 days of my ping being unplayable and constantly being kicked I had enough and tried to figure out the problem myself. I wiped my router and reinstalled it to factory conditions. I get about 1GB up and down. That did nothing and was stilling frustrating me. So I switched internet providers because my dorms offer a internet service. I chose the faster available option which was just wifi but 100 mgb up and down. I noticed that my usual close servers being Japan and Korea (Seoul) had their usual low pings. I then switched back to my main internet to see if there were any changes, I do this frequently  to see if my internet is fixed. But it is not its been like this since wipe and idk what to do at this point. I called the internet provider and they assure me that there is no issue that their software picks up. I have attached 2 pictures idk if they will be shown because this is my first time posting. But one is on my regular internet which is showing Japan at a high ping and Seoul at a normal ping but Seoul's ping will still jump to the upper 200s same as Japan and these are my closest servers so idk what causes this. The other picture with Japan and Seoul both being low is the internet I'm using on the side since that's all I cant play tarkov on. If anyone can help it would be very appreciated.

ping 1.jpg

ping 2.png

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