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Low fps in factory

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Ive been having an issue, where i am getting 30 frames in factory, but 50+ in every other map in the game. i recently upgraded my pc aswell. before the upgrade i would get 50+ fps on factory, and 20 to 30 on all other maps, but now its the opposite. now i get good frames on every single map but factory...why is that? any one know why that might be or if im able to fix it because factory really isnt a map i want 30 frames on

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I have it too, what specs are you running?

I'm running a Radeon R9 270X with an AMD FX-6350

My laptop running an Intel i7 with an Nvidia Quadro Geforce M100M card had better performance in factory and worse in other maps than my gaming pc does so I can sorta confirm.

Might be an Intel/Geforce vs AMD thing?

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