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Quality and FPS problems

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Hey guys it's just been a few days since I started to Eft. I cant figure that out how should ı set my graphic options. 

I'm playing with rx590 8gb, amd ryzen 2600, 16 gb ram.  My average fps is 60 when ı deployed.  But then its getting down and down every minute till its hit the 40- 42 fps.  

I think ı have a overall type of  gpu. But its looking like a garbage when ım playing.  

Shortly what can ı do about that problem ? 

Is there any solition about that ? 

And lastly ıs there anyone playing with rx 590 to ?

Additionally you can see my options ın attach.

2021-01-10[03-06] (1).png

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Do you have a hardware monitor? Afterburner or Libre etc? Go into an offline raid with scavs and see how much the game is utilizing your CPU and GPU.

But honestly, Tarkov is known for being poorly optimized at the moment. 80-90 fps i think is everyones average. Theres also several youtube videos that tell you how to specifically optimize Tarkov.

This guys video is very indepth, optimizing tarkov outside of the game, going into the registry even.


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