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Killa spawns in offline raids?


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So, for past week or so ive been looking for killa, to find out how to kill him and all.

I did at least 5 offline runs per day.

Twice that on weekend days.

Today i decided to run offline raids until i find him, so all I did between 4 and 8, average time was 5-6 minutes per run, you do the math (i can tell you its a lot of raids i did today)

Didnt see a single killa


Yes, i did enable bosses in menu.

Settings attached.


Am I just being unlucky or something ?


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I'm having the same issue. I believe offline mode may be bugged as I've looked for Killa about 6 or 7 times with similar settings with no luck.

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Same, i can get scavs to spawn in but never the bosses. One time I tried bosses with scavs set to horde mode and I didnt even get scavs that time, the map was dead empty.

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I just wanted to post to increase awareness of this thread but ive tried looking for all the other scav bosses and none of them have spawned, if this is an issue i hope it is fixed soon :D

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