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Game Suggestion - Store Catalogs (Gun magazines, gear magazines, etc.)


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While mindlessly scrolling through the flea market and examining things I have not examined yet I thought of a neat idea. Not sure if this is the correct place to put your suggestions but here goes:


Introduce 1 use items that can by found in raid that act as item catalogs (like a shopping catalog/gun magazine) that, once used (consumed), "examines" items for that topic. This could be an objective based  way of unlocking items for the "presets" function and the gunsmith quests. It could even be a quest item that doesn't take up inventory space and can not be sold.

You could limit it per weapon type or gear type.

This could also be used for modular gear when that gets implemented.


Edit: if made into quests, the experience received from these quests could offset the experience you lose by not examining them the current way


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