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Reduce Recap Menu pages!


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The menu in this game takes far too much time for what it does!

Of course tryharders and sweaty dudes would like to read books with how well they did in game, but don't you think a page would suffice to scroll down and up on your info after a finished game?

I find it overly annoying to have 5 pages to skip to get to a new game as well as get into it!

UX needs mending / optimization here!

On 1/12/2020 at 6:43 PM, DoloFarms said:

Apparently you upgraded your servers for the game but ever since the new influx of players the lag and bugs in the menus ie: moving items around, packing mags, buying/selling items, collecting insurance, healing, flea market trades ect. have made the game nearly unplayable...I spend the majority of my time waiting for things to load in the menu and or reloading the game because of things bugging out and breaking in the process... and it's just been getting worse....please do something about this as it's a really bad look towards any of the new players attempting to give the game a shot as well as veterans that have been playing without these problems for so long....


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