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*NEW* Coalition Warfare - Mature, 25+, EU, Discord - lets ride this storm together!


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Hello, I would like to start by saying thank you for viewing this page, my name is James, I am ex-army and I enjoy playing this game, r6, COD / warzone etc games with a tactical aspect. I have joined several big community’s and found they are either too strict with rules and/or the activity of members were not consistent. Me and a couple of friends are mature players, Dads but competitive players.... well competitive at heart anyway lol. 

I am late to this wipe(currently lvl9) but bored and would like to hopefully start building a small community and/or some friends along the way.

We do not require you to be on a website every day, to attend mandatory events, to have to be on online, none of this matters to us but with this said there obviously there needs to be some rules and standards/requirements in place, we are flexible so feel free  to ask any questions and hopefully join us to ride the storm. 


• 25+
• EU or NA (UK players preferred :P)
• Use Discord
• Respectful/Mature
• KD of 2.0!  or above......  .... .. . Jokes 

Ultimately we would just like or hope we get similar minded mature players who have time in the evenings after parent duties lol to come online and play some games, just chill and enjoy gaming hopefully WIN to :)


DISCORD - https://discord.gg/2wvbmG9y



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Hey James,

Not ex-Army but I'm looking for a group like yours (smallish in size, mature, not too strict with rules, Dads, etc), would be interested in joining, can you send me a fresh Discord invite as the one in your post has expired



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Hello im interested, but the discord link isnt working any chance of getting it updated or a PM for it please?



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Hello there,

Pretty new to tarkov but this sounds like my kind of crowd. Could you send me a discord link please?


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