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Cheaters in almost EVERY raid.

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I am so, so ,soooooo tired of going into a raid. Spawning, Running, Getting to Location 1 ( fuc...ing ONE ), and suddenly i hear running.... ( oh poo some 1 is coming! Better NOT MOVE to not make ANY SOUND!)... but as u may alredy suspect this is no ordinary footstep. Oh no it aint. THIS ! THIS is a man running DIRECTLY TO ME ! A fully NAKED DUDE with a stock AK with IGOLNIK #ignorearmor rounds. He does not run to loot this location, he is coming  for ME and MY GEAR. He throws nades towards my location like he s got this BIRD VIEW u have in Assassins s creed origin, so he can litteraly see THE ENTIRE AREA from above and evey living thing has a BIG ASS square around them like u have in COD while flying a joppergunner. So, as he is throwing those nades, he is constantly making his way towards me , closer and closer untill i pick, cuz i mean , what else can i do when there are nades flying to my location everywhere... BOM !!!!! I AM DEAD!!! either 3 shots in thorax in one split secound or an instand head,eyes. He shots his gun while throwing granades. ( obv. he is just that good, right?, dont forget he i sa full ass naked man chadding out with a stock ak and igolnik rounds so he never has to worry about u taking more then u suppose, because as far as we know, at this point in tarkov Igolnik is a 100% ignore ANY armor in the game) I mean this is a fc joke! Am i just this unlucky or is there so many cheater Right NOW? Because i survived 4/20 raids( where i met players and fought them). 3/20 where i got clapped by random BS and actually lost a fight. AND FINALLY 13/20 raids wher i got cheated on in less then 5 min into the raid. I also forgot to mention THE BEST!! xddd, those 13/20 raids STANDDARD ACCOUNT with some fucked up NAMES acsolutely mixed letters and numbers out of fc ass hole.. xddd

I dont know what i am suppose to do... i wnat o play this game, i love it. But dying to cheater more then i actually die to a legit person is insane, i mean this is INSANE!!!
i now of no other game where over 70% of losses are because of somebody cheating and fc u up like a little fc doll !!!

I ve lost so many gear sets it is crazy .. i have lost so much time and roubles, that it is insane... Pls somebody fc help me cuz i dont fc know what i m suppose to fc do !!

I LIVE IN THIS WORST REGION ON PLANET EARTH ( AKA> EU , where cheater are so hard to find as getting outside and bying a fc bottle of coke. ) and can not play on other servers then EU and some RU cuz then ping gets fc over 150 and imma just died cuz of ping or get kicked cuz too much ping. 

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jep, i have over 8000 hours in this game, but the last 2 weeks every raid, there is one play the finds me one taps me in places i think no way.  but the last 2 days every one  is a god, in this game and i am the noob. no way no way.
last time I lay down in a bush in a pit with good equipment what do you think 20 min in the game a scave player comes running towards me lies down a few meters in front of me and crawls towards me very clearly a CHEATER.
just get in a room with the door closed with good equipment and they will come to you themselves.

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Best thing to do is probably just stop playing, and never give these thieves money again.

Edit: BSG or RMT traders XD

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TLDR: people cheat because the game is too hard and lacks systems in place to help new players get on their feet.

disclaimer: i have never cheated on eft, im new and i suck.

i think the best way to deal with a cheater problem is to understand the mentality of the cheater, and if a problem like this appears in every game  as so many have the impression of happening, then as the old expression goes. if its everyone, then its you.

i think that the level of harshness and complete lack of direction for new players will drive individuals to this behavior. so often the response to people's suggestions to make the game more new player friendly will be met with some form of "get good". so a certain percentage of people will introduce artificial means of acquiring "get good", either to find some enjoyment out of a game they cannot refund or to spite the system for a perceived injustice laid out in how the game operates.

the same exact mind state you can see in those who flip the board while playing monopoly, they are essentially striking back at a game and a player base they perceive to be unjust.

why? the pleasure of retribution.

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