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Interchange "mechanics", Grenades


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So I like the system of having to turn on the power to gain access to high tier loot "even though its super easy to get ledex". Then again there is risk in going for the ledex spawn since alot of squads fight over it, big risk high reward. 

It may be a dumb idea but I've been wating along time now for things to slow down (which is happening more and more). 

1. What if you had to turn on the power for all of Interchange just like it is now, but there would be a gate in let's say Techlight which the players would have to "turn the key for 15-20 sec in order for it to open. Forceing in a way players to move around the map in more ways, maybe even put some kind of workshop room in the garage which needs to be entered, in there the key is located and make it so there is only 1 in each game and it gets "destroyed" after opening the locked gate.

Im not saying this is the best idea in the world, but im my opinion this might lead to other problems being not fixed but "slowed down". We all know what goes on in Interchange so I dont feel the need to explain all of it.

Grenades, so I was watching Klean so as far as I know this is his idea. The idea of just hitting "g" and the grenade comes flying has always been an issue for me. If anyone watched the stream where this was adressed dont even bother reading :).

2. Make it were the player has to bring the grenade up into his hands, then pull the pin and choosing either to do a long-throw or under-hand, 3 different actions not just "g" over and over. Also giving the player on the receiving end a moment to act if he hears the other guy pulling up a grenade (prehaps makes it more of a tactical choice then just the "g meta")

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