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Flea Market Feels useless after hard work.

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I worked myself up after weeks to come back to the think I love The "Flea Market".
After finally unlocking it, I just got disappointed. I can't sell anything anymore.
It feels like such a downgrade of the game.
To be able to sell the stuff you don't need or want 
so you can buy a bit better Gear and Ammo.

Also I loved to be able to trade, by buying Weapons Modding them and selling them. (What looks like it not possible anymore neither)

As a low level to be able to do that, has given me much Joy and Fun, it also help me to be able to Fight heavy geared Players and high levels that has it easy to get this type of equipment.
If you Already take the low levels players there edge away not being able to combat those players, why not just make so that all that is under level 10 can't Fight players over level 10.

This Is just a Low Level opinion after having played this game a long time and coming back to something that fells so broken.image.png.4514b164626355ea367d876d3dc53f43.png

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Stop putting all your faith in the damn flea market. 

only use it when you have to, sell to the traders otherwise .  
there are plenty of ways to make rubles in this game.

if you think gear availability makes the difference in a fight you are sorely mistaken. 

character skills are a much bigger impact, and that’s assuming the same player skill which is normally not the case anyway if you are level 10. 

a pmc with elite level skills is akin to a god , which is half the reason your favorite streamers make it look easy.  Sure they have more practice too and game knowledge, but their characters are literal walking tanks. 


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I like it. Hatchet runners can no longer stuff anything in their secure container without penalties when they die. 
Also it was done to combat RMT iirc, so blame players buying roubles for cash.

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Hard pass for the old way.

Having played since 2018 it’s extremely tiresome seeing the sheer amount of hatchet runners.

Since they’ve updated it, I hardly see any hatchet runners.

Being able to shove all the good loot in your prison wallet and die without having to even try extracting is a bullshit way to make money.

Money is not hard to make in this game.

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With the heap of not found in raid stuff we accumulate you may as well vendor it or use it until you lose it.
After hideout consideration probably. just my 2c

and I don't mind, some risk was remove having a big backside.
It's a good idea however bad I am at playing this game. 
This is definitely a game of risk, it would lose some of its flavour for some players without it. 

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I just love the way you could just Trade all day long and take a raid when you fell like it.

I lost much more interest in playing this games after you cant just sit all day and trade items and guns.

I like to buy modded guns and then reselling them, that's all gone now. 
also to buy ADAR 2-15  modding them and reselling.

The entire joy of feeling like a trader in Tarkov is gone, some players do not raid and get killed 90% of the time, but like to play the long game where levels is just a number and money can come from the flea market so you can be proud of making a good deal and then see your rubles rise.

Not all players are hardcore, and not all players will find its fun to die a lot, just so they can get one item that they need.
or build the gun that they want.


Even if is to combat the rubles seller this way, but they will find always a other way to sell there in-game money, its something that this will not stop.
It will just take something away from those players that like the game because of the flea market.

I just googled "tarkov rubles" They did not stop selling because of this mechanic change.

Have a look:


Changing Flea Market is nonsense because of this reason.
If you really want to stop it just take in-game money away :D the problem solved....... 

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