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Why does the game let you join a high ping raid???

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I think its so much BS that EFT even lets you join a raid where its just going to instantly kick you. All of sudden EFT has started giving me crazy high ping issues when it used to be around 60 in USA servers. I have lost my gear 7 times already. I have checked and chose servers that show less than 80 ping in the launcher. Then I join literally ANY game and it tells me I constantly 400+ and kicks me. I have 300Mbps and get no ping issues in any other game. Its such a shame the dev cheaps out in potato servers. BS!

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Same here !

For 3 days it's unplayable, ping in USA servers is much higher than usual (usually 140, now 210 in the launcher), I get kicked every time. And it's only on EFT, on other games everything is ok.

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