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stuck animation glitch?

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Fighting raiders on reserve...pretty happy with my loot but need to keep fighting. Go to reload but it gets stuck in between with flashing mags. Cant do anything! Cant open or pick up things, cant shoot, cant drop things. Train has gone so now my only hope is that someone left all the doors to d2 open...they did not, i go MIA after 9min of trying to unstuck it. Didnt think of shutting doqn the game soon enough. But wondering if that works or if anyone else has experienced the issue but fixed in game?

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Yeah i had the same thing yesterday when i went to unlock a door and accidentally fat fingered a nade at the same time, got stuck then when i  reloaded nothing was rendered and i couldn't move no matter how many times i reloaded, kinda sucks will upload a pic when im at my pc  

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