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To enable change factions USEC/BEAR

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Hello All,

first, I am not good at speaking or writing English, so my English looks strange Xp 

 Selecting some voice/face type of BEAR/USEC is enabled from recent updates.

So I think maybe some Escapers  want to change my factions or voice/face type   to enjoy other factions, face/voice type or clothes.

I know that we have to reset our accounts to  change factions, so I suggest changing factions items or systems without reset.

It seems like about this topic is difficult ,because some faction's skills will be  implemented and some technical issue.

But I expect that someday we can change factions. 

How do you think?





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This is unlikely to happen. 

Currently there is no much specific to chosen faction and there will be multiple wipes down the line anyway.

As for the final game, there are going to be: faction-specific skills, NPC-factions and relations with them based on your chosen faction, karma system. Story quests may or may not also be affected by you faction - too early to tell, but possible.

With all this switching faction mid game does not make sense and even may be abused to make some parts of the game easier by choosing faction that have some benefits for specific situation.

So switching factions mid game does not make sense in lore and creates too many issues with already planned features at least during main storyline, so this is unlikely to happen.

What possible could happen:

1) have 2 separate characters with separate progression for each faction on same account (it is confirmed there will be story line for Scav, so why not second faction)

2) once you have escaped from Tarkov (finished main storyline), you can start as a different faction(or switch faction)

It is impossible to tell 100% how will it be because almost nothing faction-specific is in the game yet.

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Yeah, right now there is no real gameplay difference between bear and usec, so at this stage of the game a faction change mechanic would makes sense, however if we consider what BSG has planed for the future ... then i would say that probably wont happen

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To top of what these gents said, totally correctly, we dont know of any surgeon that would modify your face in Tarkov. The place is a warzone anyways, kinda hard to find plastic surgery in a warzone, right? :useriously: @Nuee_JPN


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