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BSG Launcher Disappears

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For the past several weeks I have been having issues when running the BSG Launcher.

The launcher will open properly though my frame rate drops. Then, after 10 - 15 seconds, my screen turns to black and then comes back but now the Launcher is invisible.

It still appears open on my taskbar and in task manager but it will not appear on the screen and my GPU does not show BSG launcher as running.

If I hove my mouse over where the launcher should be on the screen, I can still click on and interact with the buttons on the launch.

If I close the launcher I get an error which indicates a UCEERR_RENDERTHREADFAILURE. I have a GTX 1070 graphics card using the latest nvidia drivers.

See screenshot. Looking to understand this error and how to resolve. I have already tried reinstalling the BSG Launcher with no effect.


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I had this problem starting 3 days ago. I tried running as administrator, uninstalling/reinstalling bsg launcher, launching from the tarkov.exe file. I endured up updating my drivers and it fixed it for me

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On 1/17/2021 at 8:21 PM, 0B1-W4N said:

Same problem and I can't play.  I've uninstalled/reinstalled the launcher and game along with updating my drivers. 


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