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Unity.dll crashes almost every raid

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Only had an hour to game today, Unity crashed on loading into raid requiring a restart and also on scav loot transfer. Raised another ticket, still no response. gg.

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My game would also crash and crash my PC (BSOD). The errors state its an access issue. 

I feel as the game crashes when it wants to do a Cache Dump (when we load into game, Open Inventory, Etc) is when the game does so. When it tries to do it, it crashes. 

Some of the errors also pointed to RAM/Memory issues. 

So today, I bought a SanDisk M.2 NVMe 3D SSD and replaced 2 sticks of my RAM.

I uninstalled Tarkov and deleted anything related. I installed a fresh instance of Tarkov onto the M.2 and my game is loading fast, and havent crashed at all!


I will give it more time, as I play everyday. I will return in 1 week with and update. 

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I have a 2080ti cant remember last time this happened to me was def a long time ago

unity built funke

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