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am i retarded by only using scav runs

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my friends make fun of me cuz i only go for scav runs im 80h in the game and im still lvl7 pmc 
i have a big gear fear i got the gift and got the sick ak but as far as i know it will probly grab dust 
can anybody give me tips to what should i do 

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I will not fun on you because you can play this game like you want to play, nobody cant judging you, if you have good time in game like this well keep going.


Other way, if you dont care about the lvl just play with your guns and if you lost all your guns and money, just reset your profil and play again from start.

Then the day you think your ready, start playing more seriously with lvl and quest

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Gear fear

It's real

And it's because you are worried about using something that you can't easily get back.

Two ways of doing this.


1. Scav run - load scav gear on PMC - PMC run. You ain't loosing anything here. 


2. don't use things you can't easily replace.

Get to level 10.

Go to flea market:


Buy an AK74M for ~22k Roubles

Buy a Dovetail Cobra plus shade from Prapor lvl 1 for ~16K Roubles

Buy some BT off the flea

for ~50K roubles you can have a decent enough weapon which can deal with Scavs and most PMCs

As you Scav this should be enough for you to play sneaky rat and it's very easy to recover the costs - most people wont loot the AK because it's not worth much.

Moving on you can add the AK100 series handguard which allows you to mount a laser or flashlight and a foregrip. When you get Prapour level 2 you can use the GP-25 recoil pad. 


If you build up some more confidence then start to equip more. If you want a better gun, hunt the flea market - upgrading AKs and M4s is fun, but there are comparable weapons that flea relatively cheaply. Like an RPK-16 is ~50K off the flea market and stock is comparable to a mid tier tricked out AK. It's similar with less popular/tweakable 5.56 platforms.


Armour - either don't bother or grab some level 4 off the flea market - due to Prapors lvl 5 armour being available, it seems to have depressed the mid range flea market, 6B13 can be got for ~40k sometimes at a full 47/47, other times needing minor repairs.

Helmet and headset - cheapest off Ragman.  ~35K

Use the med station in your hideout to craft Salewa med kits 


The whole setup is ~100K.


I think you can get over gear fear by gearing to a level you know you can afford the loss. Start small, work up.

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1 hour ago, Igorex611 said:

my friends make fun of me cuz i only go for scav runs im 80h in the game and im still lvl7 pmc 
i have a big gear fear i got the gift and got the sick ak but as far as i know it will probly grab dust 
can anybody give me tips to what should i do 

I mean..if you have fun just running scav than go for it. 

What I like to do is utilize my scav runs to make money and gather guns, armor, vests, ect that I can use on my PMC. If I am playing solo I often will use those basic items, guns, vests, armor I have found in scav runs because I care less about losing those junk items. I basically consider them throw away items, I essentially expect to lose them and if I don't its just a bonus. 

Then when playing with friends I will use better gear because I feel like I am more likely to successfully extract and better gear helps me contribute more to the group. 

To each their own though, do what you have fun doing. 

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What I heared once is buy like 5 of the same sets of kit. All exactly the same, nothing fancy. Then when you go into a raid you think "I still have more sets should I lose these". And it makes it easier to be a bit more agressive or enjoy the game a bit more.

I did factory scav runs for a bit to get my money up, and I soon realised that i was getting out of the raid alive 3 out 4 times almost. Which made me realise its a realiable source of income, which then made me less worry about spending or losing money. Also once I went in with slightly better gear, AK a nade, level 3 armour and helmet, I soon realised raids are allot easier and you win allot more fights vs using level 2 armour and an SKS or a cheap submachine gun. 

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yea its pretty much all i do aswell. the one time i splurge on some gear, as i spawn in customs think i took 1 step and got shot and killed. 

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Same here and like above I tend to play my pmc with scav gathered resources in a scavvy manner (rat'ish).

That way if tarkov be's tarkov and I get snuffed out I've really lost nothing except XP which is frustrating because so much is lvl gated. However,  I have more fun and many times I feel I play better when I care less about the crap I'm wearing.
Then of course you become more concerned about valuable loot you find on your budget runs or scav runs and while it burns losing some loot, you've still really only lost whatever brought in consumables you had outside of your chastity belt.

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If you want some advice don't worry about dying, that gear is going to be wiped in 6-9 months anyway so just do what you want but don't let losing gear dictate to you how you play. Scavs can be good as a new player to learn maps as they take you to different Scav extracts which means you can look at maps on the wiki and learn at a decent pace with nothing to lose.

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