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Quest not allowing me to turn items in.

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I am on the Skier quest that needs you to turn in 2 flash drives, I turned one it that I had since before the quest and knew it was coming up. After that I still needed one so I went into a scav run and got out with one, found in raid and everything, Even when i hovered over it, it said this is found in raid for the quest "whatever the quest name is". it wouldnt let me turn it in so i sold it after restarting my game and some other things and then i found one with my pmc and got out found in raid and everything. Still could not turn it in. not sure if there is a way i can fix this bug or not.

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Sorry, i wont be able to help you. i was thinking it was because of the FIR status but if you checked that already i dont really know... i was able to turn my flashdrives to him , although i could only deliver them once i had both of them in the stash.

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you didnt turn it in,  you cant turn that quest in until you have 2 flash drives found in raid at the same time.


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