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just got scared ****less

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Minding my business down kind of between gas and power on shoreline at night sort of by the rocks and all of a sudden i notice something in the bush next to me, thought it was a scav player being a little rat, then it sprints at me and swipes! I start panic shooting as hes running off into the darkness. There ended up being 3 minions and 1 leader. I was on the verge of dehydration already so didnt have time to hunt for any others or loot all the bodies but what i did loot they didnt attack during. 3 of the 4 had the cultist knives on them.

I was under the impression they only spawned by the sunken church area and the resort. Also that only the leader had the knife.

Side note, not sure if its a bug or what, the first one i killed was sitting in a bush looking at me. Then i DC'd after killing him, was sure i wasnt going to be able to load back in. Get in and the other 3 also were just sitting there looking at me and i easily popped them in the head. They never moved between shots or anything and i was only about 40-60m from them.

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