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Yet another high-ping kick question

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I'll keep asking this question until one of the devs decide to respond:

Why does the game even allow you to join a server/session if your ping is going to be too high to play it?

It's already established that you get an idea of what your ping might be for certain servers on the game launcher - the game always knows what your ping for what server will be.

So why is that, after waiting between 5-10 minutes to finally find a game to join, it finally warns you what your final ping will be 30 seconds before you join the game?

"Thank you for waiting for 10 minutes, oh btw your ping is 300+ (even though you only ticked the low ping servers on the game launcher) so now you can't play"

Instead of the game stopping you from joining the session in the first place - as most other games do (if it detects that your ping will be too high - you will not be allowed to join) - Tarkov instead allows you to join - and then proceeds to kick you. And then you're forced to wait for your insurance return and none of your bullets back (if you were lucky enough to manage to kill yourself or abandon your items - otherwise, MIA).

If the game decided to kick you - but also had the courtesy to let you keep your gear and loadout intact, I would not be complaining. 

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Ur gonna ask for a while cause they dont really respond to any ping-kicking questions, my topic had been up for a month with no response at all. It seems like they arent too interested in fixing this game sadly

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