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Flea market lag and Skier weapon case stock

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This is the 3rd time in a row I'm trying to trade the moonshine for the weapon case

3 times in a row the flea just decides to lag at the exact time of the restock

I can't even begin to imagine the chore it must be for people who can only log in once per day and have that kind of crap happen to them.

Just remove the max stock all together and guarantee one case for everybody, but not necessarily one case guaranteed at each restock. Maybe once per week, or whatever

This is not a normal thing to have to set an alarm on your phone and refresh a page just for a tiny chance to get it.

if you believe it is, I have nothing nice to say to you regarding that matter

I invested in my moonshine and am tired of it taking space in my stash just because of lag and ridiculously low stock

I know this kind of stuff was first implemented to prevent people from selling back on the flea, but since you can't do that anymore it doesn't make any sense at all to set a fixed limit

The flea market experience down below

If my requests are being buffered every time I want to have access to it, there's an obvious bottleneck somewhere that needs sorting at some point

BTW, I am NOT spamming the refresh button, only doing it once the reset occurs and one refresh only. 


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I just missed another deal because the barter changed from 4 vodkas to 6 and I only had 4 of them lol

Everything sold out within a blink of an eye

Time to set up another alarm, fuuuuuunnnn

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I've been having the same problem. I'm there the moment that the inventory resets and its instant. Traders having a limit is so INCREDIBLY stupid if there's bots that take them all. Why even have the trade there, might as well just give them away to all the bots and script kiddies.

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I literally made a post about this a couple of days ago the weapon case trade needs increasing took me 7 resets before i managed to get one 

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in the meantime the garbage trade from mechanic always has 2000 of them in stock

You don't need to collect data for monthes to realize both barters are incredibly imbalanced when one never sells and the other is always out of stock.

Not to mention they silently changed the barter by increasing the number of vodka required so they know it's a popular barter and yet the stock doesn't increase and more and more players are getting frustrated

Wake up already!


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All I want to do is buy one weapons case, it's been 4 days of trying with alarms set and everything, the option to even press Deal doesn't even show up before it's out of stock. would it be too outlandish to just make the stock of weapon cases like 500? it seems like there's only 20-30 and they are obviously gone in an instant. seems like an extremely counterproductive way to deal with this barter.

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