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Sound Issues

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I'm having major sound problems that are making playing the game so frustrating! I can't determine where footsteps or shots are coming from. Im getting killed from behind when I hear steps in front of me when sitting still! 

Another one was on customs I was full sure shots were in construction but my buddy told me they were in old gas completely wrong. 

I use

 Steelseries arctis 7 headphones and they were excellent up until about 10 days ago. It's fine for other games like valorant just seems to be tarkov. 

Any help would be great? Like should I uninstall the game and re install etc. 


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The directional sound in this game is garbage at the minute. Hit and miss.  Though, for me,  elevation is always a problem - I've no idea if people are level, above or below me. I hear footsteps directly in front, eye level, only to find out they're above me on the roof and I die. So poo.

I'd like to think they're working on it.

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