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Constant freezes, stutters, issues loading in, etc..

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Its getting to the point where the game is becoming unplayable. Its been fairly okay since I started a week ago. But its getting really noticable now. Every game, its a complete stutter and freeze duck fest. It will freeze like all hell when I load in, taking multiple minutes to become smooth again. It freeze randomly. It freezes when people shoot, shoot at me, when I shoot, aim down sights. Anything will just cause a stutter. I've had multiple deaths because of a scav shooting at me and freezing my game.

I've had issues where my "loading loot..." before a raid just keeps looping once it gets to 100%, only getting in 10 minutes after. I don't know what is causing this and it certainly wasn't this bad a couple days ago.

My specs are currently:


I7 7700K CPU

16GB ddr4 3200mhz RAM

The game IS on an SSD also. Its driving me mad and its certainly making the game unenjoyable and unplayable now. Really sucks.


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I have the same issue. I spend 102 EUROs on this game and was looking forward to play it. Not once was I able to play because of this issue. At 10.51 Mins. of loading a map the game is just stuck in loading loot and then freezes.


64GB DDR4 3200 TridentZ RGB

Samsung 970 Evo SSD

MSI Geforce RTX 3070 gaminc OC 8GB


I assumed my set up can make this game work but even with this power set up it doesnt. I actually want my money back if you are not able to resolve this issue. I bought this game yesterday morning.


Thank you.

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Friend of mine had this issue a lot. He would be last to load in by a few minutes in our squad, and he couldn't ever load into reserve. Turned out, even with good hardware, the graphics settings reset to a higher default when the wipe happened which was causing his issues. he turned down his graphics settings, especially shadows, and now has no issues whatsoever. Try that out.

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I did that. Turned the whole thing down to bare minimum and it does not work. Are these people from Battlestates even still working on this game or is it dead??? Is there a support???


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