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High level red rebel hatchlings epidemic

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On 1/22/2021 at 12:33 PM, ThatGuy2119 said:

OOO noo you killed 2 people that had a RR. Got a clip then post it on the forums. How many raids do you REALLY run into that this? Personally I seen 2 people out of 500 raids doing this. Legit dont care about this. Sometimes its rough. Some people are new and broke. I did this way WAY WAY  back. Its the best way to learn a map if you dont want to do an offline raid. Even if they get ONE bit coin they might have been a ton of runs to do so.  High level DOESNT mean your good. A RR doesnt mean your good. Having a stash of 30 mill doeesnt mean your good.  Even having  KAPPA doesnt mean your good. Those all just say you know how to do something at least half way right. 


Its like you buying a fast car thats more then a house payment so your cool around people but they dont know you live in a shack outside in the swamps.  You do it to fit in. Who knows why they those 2 dorks are running around trying to do that. Maybe hideout upgrades? Tasks? Make money? Who knows but if they take the risk of being marked and cursed. 


Also friendly tip. If you have a task that says "kill scavs on ______" use a pistol they will run to you and it will teach you how to pve and that transfers over to PVP.  The scavs are NUTS when you fight them with a pistol worse then players. One of the best ways to learn to Head Eyes. Its cheap to do and requires alot of practice. 

play shoreline, reserve and interchange more, you will see more of these guys there if you rush the hot loot are early raid. after that you cant see these guys in your raids. 25 raids on shoreline for finding one ledx for the quest, guess what! i have not even seen one this wipe so far, thanks to speedrunners in resort. :D funny that once in this forum someone was calling himself ninja runner for that playstyle.

plus high lvl means he knows how to play the game and can make money for sure with gear. have you seen a hatchet runner with below lvl10? no. cause they have not learned how to exploit the game's mechanism yet.

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17 minutes ago, behi09ma said:

im glad lots of EOD edition guys have the idea of changing the secure container to utility box. yeah the only reason we still have secure container the way it is now, is just the EOD purchased edition. but i wish nd hope BSG change the secure container to the point that we cant put anything in it inside the raid, instead just use it to put ammos, healing stuff, keys before the raid starts.

Basically, the reason I say limit it to FIR items is that I think that would be an easier switch to flip. If you kill another player and take their ammo, in theory then you can shove that in your container to keep...The other thing that could be a limiter would be item value, an item that is worth over (random example) 100k roubles to a trader or flea is not able to be placed within the container. Although I think that would be relatively harder to code (just off the top of my head).

I've been playing since 09.01.16 btw...so yeah I'm happy having views that go against 'but I want my wah wah wah' whatever when it comes to the containers etc. The Kappa container and the like should be additional tools available to the player...not requirements for looting xD. If you want to loot, bring or find a bag, etc.


Basically, let me put it this way. Now that I have been convinced of this and that I feel that this is the better method of play that should be in the game - this is how I am currently playing it. I am no longer shoving things that are FIR in the gamma and I got to be honest...it's a lot more exciting and can have some really cool interactions between fight and flight. Would highly recommend; I just wish the PlayerRTT was more stable.

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18 hours ago, Shibre93100 said:

can't wait to lose a small sicc case with 10mill worth of keys

As other ppl have mentioned. They could easily change it into a utility container. Something to put things in before the raid, such as keys, but you cant put anything in it during raid. That would be very acceptable to me.

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A quick fix to this would be if a player goes in with just hatchet/pistol and gets tagged/cursed, add a timer on the high value items before they can be put into the secure container. New players shouldn't be crippled further (tagged and cursed) due to people who exploit the system.

For those talking about the 50-100k minimum amount for not being tagged and cursed, you have to think about new players or ones who simply don't know all the mechanics or just aren't good at landing shots (such as myself). I don't think I have ever run in with a gun over 50k yet unless I have looted it from someone else. Most of the time I'm running fairly light overall with my ammo in my container. Many new players rely on that or else after a few raids they simply wouldn't be able to play the game anymore without scavs rushing them due to having nothing at all.

Sure. Scav runs are still viable for some quick gear... but you almost never get a scav run starting off with 50k+ gear. On top of that there's the ~20 minute cooldown on them so you can't exploit them.


Overall though a simple 3-5 minute timer after looting a high value item should be added before a hatcheter or pistoler can secure container it. That would prevent people rushing the high loot items and not caring if they die since they made bank anyway as they wouldn't have that security for some time even if they do get the item. I also wouldn't implement this to light, but viably geared players since they are at least risking a bit then.

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