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GPU Usage dropping?

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I have a MSI GL73 laptop with a i5 9300H and GTX 1650 in it. 1650 is overclocked 150/50 and everything is stable.

In-game my frames will drop from ~75 average to ~40 and when I pull up dragon center my normal 98%-100% gpu usage drops to like 40% and the CPU stays around 35%. I'm a little confused as all my settings are based on the popular ones you can find after a quick google search and lvndmark's postfx settings. I have v-sync on in nvidia cp and in game due to awful screen tearing and my laptop not able to use gsync with my monitor. RAM cleaner is also enabled even though I upgraded to 32gb of the stuff. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Oh also, I went into nvidia cp and selected my gpu for tarkov in case its my laptop randomly deciding it wanted to switch from the 1650 to the cpu igpu. who knows, maybe its still doing that but worth noting.

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