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Services should have their own category.

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Hey there, so i'll keep this short. 

One day i was going through RagMan and i noticed on top it said "services" which i never knew such a thing existed, i thought about it and it would have been a cool idea once Tarkov gets more developed that there should be a services category when entering the dealers menu. I made a little concept thingy for it.. 

I made this for fun and thought i should suggested it.

All of the small icons such as the eyes and the thumbs up icon are directly from battlestate launcher since i couldn't find any other assets to make it look any prettier. 

The eyes symbolizes that they are locked so.. 

closed eye = locked

open eye = unlocked

the thumbs up thingy is kinda like a rep thing so if you do their quest for example the more they will be able to help you.

thumbs up = good rep

thumbs down = bad rep

i was also thinking about the intelligence center how it could be useful for services, the higher level of your intelligence center the more they will do for you they will complete your service faster.

Anyways, that's really it for my suggestion.

I just made this for fun and thought it was a pretty cool concept and i'd love to hear the communities feedback on this.

Hope you guys have a wonderful day. 


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