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Where is the down vote?

If I say Trump should have been (insert killing method) Then there are people that disagree with it Down vote... You disagree with someone's view on a topic..... 

1 your not cold

2.your not sad

You point blank think what they have said is BS... and guess what! you don't have to give a reason because that's your opinion. The fact that you disagree is enough  anyone that says different just wants to make drama.....


Down vote why? because it's wrong!.

In your opinion.  


Give real players a down vote :D

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On 1/24/2021 at 12:33 AM, Grumble_ said:

Where is the down vote?

It's not reddit here ... but you always can facepalm him (sad reaction) and let him know that you silently disagree with him.

Here you can't hide his post by "downvoting" him, but you can ignore him from your perspective. :)

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