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I hate to love this game or Love to hate?

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To say I know anything about game development is an understatement - I know very little. I have been gaming for over 20 years and have seen the progression of gaming and can tell you that EFT was the game I stopped playing console and came back to PC gaming for. EFT is an amazing experience - like none other. IT has the potential to be the best thing - unbeatable

Two things that are holding EFT back are - 
Dying around corners / DYSNC needs to be resolved - in no other game have I seen it this bad. =Fix the NetCode
Audio - especially vertical audio - its just not good period. 

I have had this crazy idea for a while - what would help EFT focus on these things? If EFT shut down its server for 2-3 months to focus on pure game development could they accomplish more in those 2-3 months than a year having to deal with constant server issues?  How much money would it cost the company to be down for that time? How many EFT players would it take that would agree with me that they would rather have EFT down for 2 months than deal with DSYNC on a daily basis? 

So I honestly ask Battle State Games - what would it take for you to shutdown the servers for 2 months and make this game truly amazing as well all know it can be.

Second, I ask the players, the true EFT die hards - would you be ok with EFT shutting down to focus on game dev? 


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Hello mate, playin over 20 years too, old game dev (unity, cryengine)

Like every other dev company, i'm 100% sure they have dev/test private servers, they do not need to stop the game for working on, and every days news players come to the game, so its a permanent test load server for the team.


Imagine if all game company need to stop servers for some months for working on.. because all the games, new or old have almost permanent update code on server side, but no need to shutdown the game for month, sometimes, some hours for server update code or update server OS but not for working on !


I do not use social network, but imagine a group like facebook shutting down they servers for months for "working on"... the company will be poor and close after some days..


First think I have learn in dev engineer class : "NEVER", absolutely "NEVER" work on production server, work on dev/test server and after thousand hours of test, proceed your migration..

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@H4zeMnesia Thanks for your input! 

BSG isn't like other companies that can hire 1000 devs like PUBG or Facebook - they do not have the resources and budget to do this.

I have heard in VOD casts and from Pestilly and others that they have had to pull their main devs off of game development to fix issues. I have worked in IT operations for 18 yeas and I have learned if all you are doing is firefighting you can't plan or do proactive work - all your time is spend on break fix.

Don't get me wrong I am not a hater - I am more talking long term for the betterment of the game. Like I have stated I am a super fan of EFT and think its the best experience out there - but at the same time I uninstalled the game yesterday and am going to take a break - too many issues for it to be enjoyable for me anymore.

If they shutdown for 45-60 days and could only had focus on 1 project at a time I believe they could get more done than always having to deal with break fix.

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