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Still getting no email for email verification when loggin in from new computer. i get all other emails from no-reply just not the one i need to log into the game. See pic

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Its not going to my spam, its not getting lost, its not a full inbox (gmail. i get all other emails but the one i need ot log into the game. this issue has soooo many threads its ridiculous but battlestate games wont acknowledge there is a bug in their code. Please help.

other emails.PNG

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Would really appreciate some help on this one Devs/Admins. This has been a long running issue for a lot of people and I just ran into it tonight after months of 0 issues..... 

Changed Password

Uninstalled/Reinstalled launcher

Restarted CPU 


Still nothing. We are all supporters of yall trying to play the game and need some help




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unfortunately, I had some major update for Windows 10 today ... And now I can't log in either ... I have been verified by google authenticator and keep me waiting for an e-mail, which of course doesn't come ...

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have the same issue. played last night but when i tryed to login today it had logged me off the launcher and then it wouldn't send me an verification email. 


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