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Security code not sending?

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Was on the game ALL day, got off for a bit, then decided to get back on. Now its telling me to send a damn security code to my email. Been over 20 mins, Not one damn email for a stupid security code. I dont get it? what am i missing?


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Click Back and try again and again until the code sends. Some poeple had to click back like 20 or 30 times for it to send. 

Two other methods that worked for people: 

1. Try to login with your username instead of your email

2. As follows:

1. Re-install BSG Launcher

2. Go to BSG Launcher folder (e.g. C/Battlestate Games/BsgLauncher)

3. Hit the application BsgAccessProvider 

4. Run BsgLauncher and log in

Note: When reinstalling BSG Launcher, click locate game files and choose your C:\Battlestate Games\EFT folder

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Check firewall and preferably disable firewall. That helped my friend. There seems to be a lot more possible problems. Google the poo out of this thing... tons of people dealt with it one way or another.

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