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Suggestion: Hideout maintenance feature

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A lot of common loot items (A pack of screws, Bolts etc.) become useless as you progress because of relatively low value and absence of recurrent usage (some not needed at all while others used only for low-tier barters that are not needed for high-lvl players any more).

Possible solution:

Add Hideout maintenance feature which can work something like that:

a) Each time player completes craft at a workstation, there is a change (for example 10% default chance) that workstation will be malfunctioned and require maintenance.

b) Each time workstation malfunctions it gets some penalties associated with using it like:

b.1) blueprint which triggered malfunction cannot be crafted until maintenance is complete (all other non-malfunctioned blueprints can still be crafted)

b.2) malfunctioned blueprint gets big penalty to duration (+XX% to crafting time)

b.3) all crafting at this station get small penalty to duration (+X% to crafting time)

c) Malfunctions can stack leading to multiple blueprints locked and/or cumulative crafting time penalties

d) Each malfunction can be removed instantly with maintenance that require small amount of common tools: Duct tape, Bolts, Screw nut, A pack of screws, Capacitors, Wires, Spark plugs, etc.

e) A skill of PMC may decrease chance of malfunction and/or amount of tools required for maintenance - it can be additional effect of Hideout management or Crafting or a completely new skill added

Expected effect:

1) For late game constant demand to low-grade materials is created, making even common loot more valuable for survival. This system will have progressive effect on players: the more Hideout is developed and actively used - the more maintenance materials will be required. This feature will provide additional money sink for late-game and give staring players more options to collect starting capital by scavenging low-tier tools and selling them to high-lvl players on flea market.

2) In future BSG can try altering malfunction chance and maintenance costs as additional economy levers to balance late-game economy especially late after the wipe. Even create global events like "Earthquake", "EMP blast", "Solar flare" - which will temporary increase malfunction change or increase demand for specific maintenance tools globally.

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