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Found Ultra medical storage key, what would be best to do with it?

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Today I found the Ultra medical storage key, now personally, I don't play a lot of interchange. 

When I looked up the price I was kinda stumped, since there we're only three existing offers, 10mil, 13 mil and 15 mil Rubels.

According to the store though, maximum amount was around 5 mil and average about 1.9 mil. 

For someone who is lvl 20, and doesn't have a bucketload of rubels, what would be the best option? 

Save up for the fee and sell it at around the max prize? Sell it a lot higher like the other listings? Or just start doing runs on intechange for the possible LedX and etc? 


Thanks in advance!



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Your safest option is to just sell it if you're not confident with your map knowledge and/or PvP skills, especially if you don't have much money to begin with. Otherwise, if you need the LedX for something important, then go for it. It should be guaranteed if you get there before someone else.

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You can encourage yourself to learn&play interchange. or you can sell the key for a cheaper price if you cannot provide enough roubles

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