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Prapor Debut NPC Scav?

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I'm having a "problem" with Prapor's introductory quest. I've killed more than 5 scavs on my PMC and I'm still not getting credit. Do the scavs HAVE to be NPCs or do player controlled scavs count as well? I've looked on the forums but found nothing about the scavs being NPC or player controlled.


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It should count if you are a PMC on customs, killing scavs, NPC or not,

If it does not please report it via Launcher. Support team should be able to help you with clear instructions.

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I would advise to :

1) Relaunch the launcher

2) Check integrity

3) Restart the game


I got this on others quests and by restarting 3 time it works finnaly.

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