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Oil Paints - Fan Art.


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Ive recently been pestered to show these here since I only posted them on BSG official discord #fan-art quite a while back & on my twitter and my instagram. 

So here goes, be gentle LMFAO [ Tarkov Right? ] Feedback appreciated.

Hope you enjoy and apologies for the watermarks
[Read below why watermark & no prints as yet.]

"My Mall" - 110 cm X 80 cm Oil on canvas

"Slow progress" - Oil on Fiberboard 30 cm x 42 cm

"Navigator" Oil on canvas 60cmx80cm

Why u no gib printz?.....

I did release some prints of the killa paint and a lucky few got one, [ The original was sold to a ..."renown" aussie streamer some of you may or may not have seen it in the bg of their stream Hint:something to do with an icy drink and young dogs. ].

However as soon as i released them i got ripped off by some online company who thought it would be a good idea to straight steal my art without permission, Kinda my fault for not watermarking them in the first place but hey ho damage done.  Ive been fighting them for the past 6 months now and nothing has changed. I managed to get them to take my images down under natural artistic copyright law but the website still exists and are still allowed by their webby provider to rip off others art as they see fit. This is why prints are not available online and why i have put a watermark on these posted pics my apologies if it spoils the overall look. Yes you can view them without watermark at my Instagram acc but know that i have tagged those pics with anon EXIF data so i know exactly where they have gone, nothing more i can do right now against this.
There's nothing i can do really to stop people using my art for their desktop etc and that's fine if you want to, It just pee's me off that I've spent over 120 hrs collectively across these 3 paints to have them commercially ripped off in seconds, Its more than demoralising.

That said I hope you enjoy these paints!.

I do take on commissions however life isn't full on Art for me, I look after 2 dependents so time is valuable and a scarce resource, So only if you're absolutely serious in actually buying a piece of art should you contact me. Apologies if this sounds rash but after 25+ yrs on the interwebs my patience is done with time wasters, scrubs that want something for nothing and thieves.

If you want to see some of my other Art, Not Tarkov related, Then please checkout:

My Instagram

I can be contacted through Twitter/insta & Discord on request.

Thanks for any feedback in advance.

As an end appreciation note:

Thank you devs I have been waiting for a game like this since Battlefield 2 first came out!! I for one appreciate all that you are doing to make this a top shooter. I havent enjoyed more nor been immersed in an fps like this since I began gaming some 40 yrs back. Thank You Nikita, Thank You EFT devs!!!!

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