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Gone baby, gone!

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I have played this game in the past, but got tired of all the cheaters.  Recently coming back to Tarkov after a year+ break, I see that the amount of cheaters in this game has not been dealt with and is just as bad.  Dropped in very briefly hoping these issues were taking care of.  In my opinion, BSG has dropped the ball.  This game is not very fun when you cannot have competitive matches and are ESP'd and shot through walls.  This was my last attempt at coming back.  My advice to BSG... if you want to keep decent players, fix your damn game.

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This is the suggestion thread? Just looking for what you are trying to constructively suggest here? I mean if you wish to talk about cheaters or the games other issues, I am sure there are other places in the general forum? I sympathize I do, I just do not see why you would bring it up here. Telling them to 

44 minutes ago, VoidingNixx said:

fix your damn game.

Will not likely get anywhere? I think Onepeg said it best in his recent video. I would also suggest watching Marks most recent video as well. Other then that, have a good evening.

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