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Server Connection Lost

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Ever since the latest patch, this has been happening, I keep getting kicked from servers as a PMC, it never happens when I play as a scav, only happens as a PMC. 

Today it happened twice, after rejoining the first time, there was a rat PMC with a pistol right around the corner and he just peeked me as I made my first steps.

Second time, I couldn't even rejoin, because as soon as I got out of RB-VO marked room, a duo attacked me, I killed the first guy (second guy was a naked with an sks), I got inside the train station and managed to heal, less than 5 seconds after healing and trying to find this rat, I get kicked from the server and during server rejoin it just said "game completed or aborted".

Once again I lost my items to some piece of sh1t rat for no reason, not only that, during a scav run I found a PMC (altyn, hex, vss+meta hk) just standing still at the Reserve bunker, I shot him 8 times and he didn't move or react at all.

Customer support has no answer, just a bunch of "select server with lowest ping" bullsh1t, if there's anything that makes my hair fall off my head, it is EFT and its bullshit.

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Happened to me too. I rejoin and it says 'game aborted. try reconnecting' (exactly what I just did). I rejoin again and character is, obviously, dead.

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