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People with high ping.

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I have been getting an increase of lagging/desyncing or at the very least suspect players...


Just now I had a raid where I had the drop on a guy in dorms, he was looting, pumped him full of lead in his head and all of a sudden he's moonwalking towards the wall and onetapping me in the thorax. It took about 2 seconds me staring at his moonwalking and then dying. I had no desync, because I heard gunfights happening on the other side of the dorms and my friend was moving around just fine aswell.

Other players are responsive when getting hit, headshots aswell, panicking/patching up after a gunfight, but I do run more and more often into a player with a weird name that have these exact same symptoms. When is BSG actually going to step up their game, patching issues, plugging securityleaks instead of sprinkling around sales, adding new content and other stuff that should be be below these issues?


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