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Allow "Partial Payments" on Hideout Upgrades

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This is a really simple suggestion that I think would make a big difference to quality of life. To put it very simply- let us "deposit" items for upgrading in the Hideout when we don't have all of the items to do the upgrade. When leveling I feel like I'm stuck with so much poo in my stash just waiting to be put into my Hideout; this would just let us clear up all of that junk that's waiting for us to have all of the parts. Saves us a bit of stash space and just makes sense... you can partially build something, or just leave the pieces where you're going to build it. It would just make a ton of difference, especially in the early game when you're overflowing with crap and can't access the market to sell it.

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This is a great idea. Like a hideout stash, or just give you the ability to "deposit" the items in the area you're trying to upgrade.ย 


I like this idea. ๐Ÿ‘

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