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Players per group - limited

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I think you just limited 3 players per group at maximum. More than this is just ridiculous. As i saw in a post here from another guy, he is right, this game is becoming a battle royal and not escape from tarkov. Is being ridiculous the huge groups we can see in maps, 5 in group is just stupid, and is becoming unplayable for solo players. I know many guys will come here to say this should be played in group and i must be join a group etc... but no one here is forced to play in group, if we want play solo we play solo, but please dont make groups with 5 PMCS...i think the maximum should be 3 no more than this. This way this will be impossible for solo players, you should create another alternatives if people want play in big groups. But this way no please. This is not balanced and this is losing the real feeling of this game.

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i say there shouldn't be a group limit. i mean in the description is says there are no rules in tarkov so why the arbitrary limit for groups? you still got to id targets and other members when you run 5 mans friendly fire happens alot more commonly (especially if you run with the 3 drunk brothers and me)

as for the battle royl part thats because there is very little to no downside right now to dying/killing game will shift dynamics when killing players effect the way traders/flee market interact with you.

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5 mans are fine. 


Running a 5 man is TOUGH, that's why you usually see smaller groups anyway. If you want to run a 5 man, more power to you. But it can be chaos. 

People get really hung up on the squad thing but it is not easier or harder, just different. 

Squads need disciplined comms or it breaks down real fast. You can wipe a squad quickly if they get confused. Sure, they get more eyes to scan and guns to shoot, but if they can't communicate it doesn't count for much. 

They WILL usually get more insurance back though, that's the major benefit. 

Really tight, high level squad play is few and far between IMO, and the option to run 5s is fine. 

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the more players in a squad, the more they should pay for insurance at the very least. Or even no insurance at all so the rest is forced to extract with their gear!

It's impossible to loot a squad if one of the rat is still alive because he'll camp his buddies until he goes MIA

Even in a 3 men one player can be a dedicated spotter with thermal which make them invincible

There's no risk factor for playing as a squad. When I spot one they just rush through everything because even if one dies it means nothing.

The rest will hide the good stuff and empty the mags. Absolute BS

In the meantime they keep nerfing solos for some unknown reason.

Can no longer topload mags while healing.

Can't bring an ammo box in your container anymore so have fun filling 2-3 mags with the best ammo only to lose it all before even firing once when you get insta killed

Solo is hardcore. Squad play is a joke

Max difficulty vs 0 stress

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