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Tarkov Shooter pt8

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Hey guys and BSG!

Can a developer or somebody tell me, how can i do this quest? It's impossible...

You have to kill 3 PMCs in 1 raid on woods with a bolt action sniper rifle. Ok. That's okay. But the map is 2 times larger, then the last time, player number remain the same...so you can't find literally no one on this map...

+1, just to bother you, they've added the shturman farming quest, so everybody running in slick armor, altyn, m1, thermal, etc... :)


So? How can i do this quest with bolt action sniper rifle? :D

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I am low level so my advice could be bad, but i would personnaly play like this :

1) I would take two weapons :

a) One bolt action sniper with long range scope

b) a weapon with a thermique optic


It should increase the speed to found players but for killing it would be on your side.



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