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Boss location variation

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I'm sure there are plans for this and I'm sure there's a million suggestions by every unique COD-snowflake already. but here goes:


The two bosses that have farming quests tied to them, namely Killa and Shturman, both spawn in only one location. Do you see the flaw here?

Now, with the Woods expansion, I'm convinced there are several spots where Spermman could spawn, like around the sunken church with the new marked circle for example. That spot still has long range possibilities from across the water. 


Killa would be cool to see around the power station or even the ramps up to the mall by power station. Good mix of medium to short range combat. 


Before all you man children cream your pants in outrage, you would obviously have to adjust PMC spawns around these location, as well as a number of other factors that I'm too dumb to think of. 


Nerf farming now. 

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I'm not sure if Killa spawning outside the ULTRA would be a good idea, he isn't really built to be survivable out there on his own.

I'd say I agree with Shturman having multiple spawns. The new abandoned village seems like it could be a good place or even the Old Sawmill.  I don't think Sunken would be a good idea as cultists already sorta have dibs on that area, and if you went at night (or even morning/evening) and had cultists AND Shturman, that wouldn't be too great.

But Killa, don't think so. I know it's not enough, but he does spawn within quite a wide range of stores, and will chase you all over the mall. I like the concept of finding a new place for him, but I would say put him underground in the garage near his stash, but outside doesn't seem like a good idea with all the balance changes.

Good concepts for those maps though. Personally I like the idea of those bosses getting new locations.
I forsee people getting upset that farming wouldn't be as easy, but yeah I like it.

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