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Skills leveling?

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Does it seem like skills are not leveling correctly for you all.  While I seem to be getting weird numbers from the game as far as what they were and what they no are crafting seems to be the worst that I can follow.

I put in a bug ticket for crafting because I have level 28 and it has not gone up to level 29.  I watched my XP go from 9.1 - 29.6 in a couple hours.  A few hours later and a lot more crafting (all while rotating my crafts)I went from 29.6 - 39.1.  Then a few minutes later it was 45.  I do a raid and come back it is 23.1, do some crafting come back and it is 21.6.  Do some crafting and it is 34.1, do a raid down to 29.6.  So 8 hrs of crafting items.  Rotating each station between 2-4 different recipes, and I get 20 xp for the day, something seems off


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