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I've been playing for 2 months and I still can't finish the Debut Prapor quest because of OP scavs and players geared to the teeth with M4s and top tier armor and DeSync and just  getting killed out of thin air. I'm almost out of money and I have no gear left, Scav runs end the same as my PMC runs. LFG is a gamble since it doesnt stop people from splitting your head open upon spawn and there's no IG voice chat. Is there any advice out there that isn't taking a shot at the player or instantly resorting to name calling? Because I want to love this game the same way you guys do. 

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This is my personnal way of playing so it is clearly not the best but it allow me to do a few quest and save a lot.


As you don't have anything left , you can do this :

1) Play scav but change your gameplay :

a) Choose a map for looting / escaping : factory ; interchange ; reserve

b) as you launch the game , you need to wait the timer go down to a low value and start to move slowly to escape

c) on your way look for basic things

=> For exemple on factory :

*if you get the window scav, if you wait to 2 min left, you will have high chance that all players move (except some sadistic ^^). On your way loot all weapon box and if you have enough time look in cabinet before take the window. You will get xp, money and as you move be carefull you will train your scav skill.

*for interchange : there is sometimes scav player camping (even if they can't escape after kill you) but you should be able to do the same. You can also add the cache to get more loot.

2) As you collect loot, you will have different options : either sell it to good seller or use it for pmc. If you play well you will in around 10 raid manage to collect an armor and helmet with a decent weapon.


For the first quest prapov ... I use a dirty trick  like for a lot of quest but it should work. I take initially a few food, and i camp in a spot where nearly no player will pass (that way nearly no pvp chance and i won't get the feeling to play dirty). As the timer become really low (20 min - 15 min) i start to move. After this time, most of pmc are either gone or near the high loot spot so you can dodge them with a good chance to avoid fight.

Start to look inside building for basic loot and go for usual scav spot , you should be able to kill 2-3 scav before escape / die.

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