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How about an upgrade to the shooting range?

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In the game today, I came up with an idea about my bullet and my body armor.

I was thinking like, though I can see the level of my armor, and the power of bullet by the description, I still can't clearly know how good it is in the actual game.

In many raids, I was died because I believed my level 5 armor is good enough to protect me from 7.62 BP or AP20 buckshot.But actually it is not that effective.

And I don't know how the armor protect the damage from the bullet as once I shoot one guy for the whole mag but after the raid I found about 90% of the damage was absorbed by the armor.

Is it possible for us to have an upgrade to the shooting range in order to test the bullet and the armor?

Like a better dummy with the whole body that could put the armor and helmet on and make some shooting test.


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