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Hi Guys,

As title says, I seem to have very low GPU usage no matter what, like 30-60% and unstable FPS on top of that, certain map locations drop my fps to as low as 40-60, sometimes fps would seem to be 100+- but feels like 15 lol (especially labs wind stairs).

I run med-low settings, tried higher - didnt help, made it only worse & GPU usage didn't really change

Tried experimenting in nvidia control panel too - didnt help.

When i play other games like call of duty, cs go, my GPU utilization is normal 80-100% and nvidia settings are same pretty much for all games

My setup is 

I7-8700k @4.8 ghz
32GB 3200mhz ram

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I got a 10900k, RTX 3090 and 16GB RAM at 4266MHz, GPU usage sits at 40% max while playing, in lobby etc it’s at 99%. 

Go to a visit control panel, set v-sync off, threaded optimization on auto, anisotropic filtering quality to high performance, power management mode to prefer high performance, then you want to create a custom resolution, deduct one pixel from 1080, 1440 or 2160 depending on what your resolution is. I’ve set mine to 1920x1079 with 239 hz refresh rate (my monitor is 240) and try that.


I got a second computer, with i7 8700k, RTX 2080 Super, usually stable at 100-120 FPS at shoreline, so it’s possible to squeeze some performance out of your system aswell.

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