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Will this get me banned?

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Hey everyone,


I'm about 3 weeks old in this game and I bought the standard edition knowing I could upgrade my game in the long run. I love the game and the community seems quite nice... You're all a bunch of campers... but nice campers hehe. Since I've dicided to upgrade my account could you maybe help me with the following below?:


So I want to upgrade my account to EOD at the end of this week but I  have read that my account wil be wiped clean if I do this. I play this game with a friend of mine all the time who is doing the same thing, upgrading his account to EOD I mean. We planned to exchange valuables and money to each other so we can take them to our new account. I mean in my opnion this is fair game since I collected this money and these items myself... But on a discord server we were told that doing this would be seen as boosting, because the devs won't know if anything shady is behind this exange and so they will ban us for it. Now since I'm losing all my stuff anyway... 3,5 mil, ammo case and some bags and weapons and since I can't give it someone I know without it being considered boositing. I was wondering if I could take it out in a raid and make 1 random guy happy with the loot? you know... Do 1 raid and take all my money with me and the stranger that pops me gets a reward, then another raid with my weapons so they guy is loaded for the next few raids and the last raid with my backpack with 10 backpacks in that one backpack so that guy is set for backpacks for a while...

Can I atleast do this to give someone a smile on his face and not have my items dissapear in the endless void? Or will I just be banned for boosting a total stranger?


Greets, DarkofDutch

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You'll learn really quick that a lot of items simply can not be taken into raid or even put in your backpack now. It's all part of a pathetic failure to ruin RMT while ruining QoL stuff. I get the not allowing stuff into the raid but not letting me use my backpack to sort in the hideout is dumb. Same with not being able to pick up the same type of pack back in raid yet being allowed to pick up a different one of the same size. 

I've given weapons and stuff away with no repercussions yet but I would not suggest what you are saying. You should be able to upgrade without reseting your account. All the new items should arrive in the form of a message from a trader. (unless something has changed) Only if that process fails would you need to reset. 

edit- fixed some typos.

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