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Help. new 1440p was looking good...Need suggestionss

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Purchased new 1440p LG GN850 monitor on Friday. Plug and play install. Had LG GL650F-B 1080p. Set dual monitors in vertical stack with new monitor as main display. Game was looking fresh on the new display, mainly UI.  In settings tab was displaying 1920 x1080 at 16:9. No option to change to new, but no game settings changed from previous monitor. Running V-sync enabled in game with Freesync off in Radeon Software. Fullscreen. Friday and Saturday is fine.

Sunday I launch Cyperpunk 2077 to view Freesync enabled. Enabled Monitor. Game recognizes 1440p monitor in settings. Less motion when moving side to side at 1080p setting. Game looks good. Exit and turn off freesync on monitor.

Launch EFT, warm up with factory offline. Game counts down deploy timer, then an error pops us saying something about display depth recognition or coloring (something like that not sure). Then changing the resolution to something unusually small. Even though settings still display 1920x1080 at 16:9.

Tried the esc 1440 youtube vid. I cant Even get 1440p to be option. And now at some small aspect ratio looking like a 22'' monitor with black bars. And Settings says nothings changed.


I have not a clue. Been through settings. Performance in windows, monitors 144 hz, aspect rations. 

Anyone. help appreciated.


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The first has everything I needed. Soon as I changed the file resolution sizes the game registered the monitor in the resolutions tab. Got the link to vid from comments in one Piranha vid. In the second, The changing of the display by one was not a work for me with AMD but do not think it is needed. Hitting above 144 was not hard at 1080. So I do not think it matters that the file resets to 60 as long as my resolution still is correct in the file and the setting tab.

Now I get to bask in the gloriousness that is the UI in 1440p. 😜 

Also Veritas and Pestily's recent vids on settings has my game so crisp.

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