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I can't handle the amount of bugs in this game that never get ducking fixed


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Alright, let me preface that I am currently fuming pissed when writing this post. Although, my anger is pretty much warranted at this point given how much bullshit I have been going through in-raid. 

Let's begin...

Scenario: My two buddies and I get ambushed by 3 PMCs on customs tonight, we managed to kill two but the last eluded us. I chase him down, we get into a firefight, I light him up good, and now have to reload. What happens next? A) I reload normally and finish him off or B) the m4 reload animation get stuck, rendering my gun useless, giving him enough time to kill me. If you guessed B then you are correct. THE ducking RELOAD ANIMATION GETS STUCK. That's only the tip of the iceberg of bullshit that pisses me off (also they need to fix that reload animation bug QUICK).

Other times I experience audio bugs where I don't hear gunshots or explosions at all. There are so many times when I am playing with my friends and they go, "Hey, do you know where those explosions are coming from?", to which I respond with, "What do you mean, explosions? I can't hear anything at all.". Did someone throw a grenade at your feet? Oh well, I guess no audio cue will play to hint that a grenade has been thrown and landed near me! Did you run behind cover without getting hit then die because of poo netcode? Oh well, hope the desync gods smile down on you next time! Honestly, the amount of little bugs that are adding up to ruin my experience are so many that I could go on. 

The worst part about Escape from Tarkov is that it is such a unique experience with addicting gameplay; the incompetency of the dev team nowadays might just ruin it for me though. I am no stranger to Tarkov at all. I understand all of it's mechanics, map layouts, loot rooms, metas, etc., but the lack of optimization and bug-fixing are starting repel me from the game. I just want ONE BIG UPDATE where they just address bugs and optimization, that's literally all I ducking want. I would rather die 20 times in a row to players who simply "head, eyes" me with m995 than die three times in a row because of a bug that renders my gun useless. 

Feel free to call me whatever you want and disagree. I got what I wanted to say off my chest. Thank you. 


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Almost didn't even read your post cause I don't like it when I have to read someone's life story before getting to the point...

I agree that quality of life fixes have been neglected. From what it seems a huge contributor to this is the abysmal netcoding and servers.

BSG seemingly has other priorities which, as expected, are never honestly explained to the playerbase. Whether the former wishes to think otherwise doesn't change the fact that EFT is de facto a game that is launched and living.

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