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Some suggestions from an irritated player in love with the game


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So yea, granades. We all use them and we love them, they deal a LOT of damage and they can win a PVP or massive PVE. But are they that good? Since the release of 12.9 granades have become a massive pain in the community. There is absolutely no fun in going into a raid and seeing 13 nades (yes i counted them) flying at you and you cant do anything because the granade splash is RNG as hell and sometimes it doesnt kill you if the nade blows up in front of you but other times it killes you 10KM away. I think this has to be adressed because it's starting to be very annoying. I wish there was a granade limit per player per raid (like 4 nades with 3.5 sec fuze and 2 nades with 2.5 sec fuse) because the game is unplayable if you meet big boyz on maps. Also, the nades, for some reason we have ninja nades this season. People throw granades and you cant even hear them deploying or even FALLING on the floor and this killed me a lot of times because i was not aware of an object flying towards me. Please, do something about it. Please.

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